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Topic: pre-registration of study protocols and (statistical) analysis plans


Pre-registration - making your research protocol public at an early stage - has been hailed as the flagship against data dredging and publication bias. There are different forms of pre-registration. Currently, there is a heated debate about whether science and society benefit from pre-registering non-experimental and even qualitative studies.

Nicole Toussaint is a researcher at the Urban Vitality Centre of Expertise and has practical experience with pre-registration. She will discuss her experience with pre-registering a research protocol. What are the advantages? Was it just another document to fill in? What was the benefit for her? Epidemiologist Gerben ter Riet will introduce the subject and its many forms.


  • 09.00-09.20: Introductory mini-talks by Gerben ter Riet & Nicole Toussaint
  • 09.20-09.45: Questions and discussion

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Preparation for online session (for those with enough time)

Published by  Urban Vitality 29 September 2021


Start date 12 Oct 2021


09:00 - 09:45