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Online Open Science Community Coffee

What is Open Science and what does it mean for you?


What is your view on Open Science? Would you like to broaden your horizon? Would you like to get to know other colleagues who are interested in Open Science? Join our next Open Science Coffee and it might Open new doors for you 😉

We will organise an open discussion on the definition of Open Science and what it encompasses. There is no agreed-upon definition of Open Science and different fields of Science emphasize various aspects of Open Science. At the FG (faculty of Health) and FBSV (Faculty of Sports and Nutrition) ‘preregistration’ and ‘transparency in all steps of your research’ are topics that emerge in the Open Science debate. On the other hand at FMR (Faculty of Applied Social Science and Law) and FOO (Faculty of Education) the social impact of Open Science is a hot topic. What does Open Science mean to you?

How to participate in the coffee session

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  • Tuesday 7 December 2021
Published by  Urban Vitality 13 October 2021


Start date 11 Nov 2021


16:00 - 16:45