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The 10K Pre-Incubator Program offers you as a student coaching and guidance in developing your innovative and / or sustainable idea into a startup. As an entrepreneur-to-be, you will be offered workshops, coaching sessions and masterclasses for 20 weeks to support you in starting your business. Often the setting up of a start-up is combined with study or work. That is why the program is designed in such a way that it can be combined with one of the two or even both. After finishing 10K you are ready to take the next step and hit the market with your startup. You have acquired a wide range of knowledge and developed various products, such as your pitch deck and business plan, with which you can approach customers, partners or financiers.


The program is aimed at students like you who have come up with a good idea during their studies, internship or simply at home or in the pub and want to develop it further into a start-up. Under the guidance of experienced coaches, you will work with proven methods, such as the 24 Steps of Disciplined Entrepreneurship by Bill Aulet of MIT. In addition to the coaching program, masterclasses are given every two weeks. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthese masterclasses is that you as an entrepreneur gain knowledge and skills, which you can put in your backpack and which will later be useful in your start-up, professional life or even in private life. Think of master classes in branding, sustainability and story telling.

Halfway through the program, a feedback night takes place, where all participating startups pitch their ideas to various experts in the field of entrepreneurship. All this in preparation for the Dragons' Den at the end of the program. During the Dragons' Den, which concludes the 20 weeks, all startups pitch their ideas to five experienced entrepreneurs and investors in a boardroom. They determine whether the entrepreneurs who participated in the 10K Program are "startup ready".

Target audience

The 10K pre-incubator program is open to all students of all colleges and universities in Amsterdam and alumni who graduated no more than two years ago from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam who want to do business with an innovative and / or sustainable idea. This also concerns students who have followed a minor or courses at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

Date Time

The 10K pre-incubator program starts every six months (in February and September) and lasts 20 weeks. We kick off those 20 weeks with an intensive week of four days from Monday to Thursday, Friday the students are free (from the program). After that, we meet every two weeks on a Wednesday afternoon / evening and we close the six months with a Dragons' Den that takes place on a Wednesday (during the day).

Practical information
What must 10K participants meet:

  • You are a student of the AUAS, alumni of up to 2 years old or a student of another higher education institution or university in Amsterdam.
  • You have a creative solution or sustainable innovation.
  • You are intrinsically motivated to follow the program.
  • You are available on the indicated program days.
  • A business plan or registration with the Chamber of Commerce is not necessary.

What else do you need to know about the 10K Program:

  • Participation is free!
  • There is a maximum of space for 12 startups.
  • The masterclasses are given by experts from the field and from the Entrepreneurship Program.
  • The 10K Pre-Incubator Program is organized by the AUAS Entrepreneurship Program.

Want more information?

Would you like more information about the 10K Pre-Incubator Program? Then go to www.hva.nl/10k or mail to 10K@hva.nl.

Published by  Entrepreneurship 7 May 2021