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Global Entrepreneurship Week

Every year, the AUAS Venture Centre organizes the Global Entrepreneurship Week at AUAS together with the Entrepreneurship Program. During this week we will highlight all the ways in which students, teachers and researchers come up with creative solutions and sustainable innovations to shape the world of tomorrow through entrepreneurship.

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week is the largest event that puts the spotlight on innovators and entrepreneurs who launch startups, bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and enhance human well-being. In November, every year, the GEW inspires people worldwide to take steps in entrepreneurship by organizing various events.

GEW for AUAS Students

The program for students and student entrepreneurs during the Global Entrepreneurship week focuses on both inspiring and supporting students who are already doing business. A program full of stories from start-up founders and plenty of opportunities to join in the conversation about entrepreneurship or to discover entrepreneurship for yourself.

That is why we have the following events every year:

  • Meet the founders - Various (digital) 'living room conversations' where you can ask founders of innovative startups about their entrepreneurial journey!
  • SDGs & Entrepreneurship - During several meetings, experts in the field of one of the SDGs will discuss the necessity and opportunities to contribute to a sustainable society through innovations and entrepreneurship.
  • Round tables - Join the conversation and give your opinion on topics in the field of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education.
  • Masterclass (powered by 10K) - We invite all students to get acquainted with the 10K Pre-Incubator by participating in this masterclass. (There is always information about the 10K Program in advance)
  • Hackathon - A hackathon of two days where you will develop a creative solution or sustainable innovation that contributes to a sustainable society.
  • Startup Summit - An annual conference with top speakers, awards, panel discussions, networking opportunities and numerous breakout sessions with training, workshops and opportunities to experiment with the latest technology.
Published by  Entrepreneurship 6 May 2021