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Get a workplace on the campus of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences!

Working from your student room or a coffee bar is of course not ideal! In addition, flexible workplaces in the city are often (too) expensive and as a student entrepreneur you would like to be close to the lecture hall. That is why the AUAS offers workplaces for students with a startup! Here you have a good desk, you can work together with your team, but also receive important guests for consultations and even work on your first prototype.

Startup Desk

If you work from the location(s) of the AUAS Venture Centre, there is always a flex desk available for you and your team to work on your startup. Availability is linked to the opening hours of the various AUAS buildings. Using these workplaces brings a number of advantages:

  • the workplace is intended for AUAS student startups that are working on a creative solution or sustainable innovation
  • the workplace is free, but you may only use it if you do not yet have a paid workplace elsewhere in the Amsterdam region
  • you become part of a community of other student founders and join a network full of knowledge and experience
  • you can always ask if a separate room can be reserved for consultation or visit
  • you have the chance to join events and of course also the member meetings that we hold every mont
  • what is not allowed is registering your company at one of the addresses of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.


In addition to the workplace, we have many facilities at the HvA Venture Center that you can use. The coaches and researchers in the field of entrepreneurship also work from the HvA Venture Center, and you can always contact them for support or feedback.

But you will also find, for example, the following services at our location:

  • an entrepreneurship library with the latest knowledge about innovative and sustainable entrepreneurship
  • different canvases to, for example, practice your pitch or determine your priorities
  • a toolkit for developing your business model, along with a number of guides to help you with this
  • facilities to make your first low-fidelity prototype of, for example, polystyrene foam, cardboard or fabric

Doing an internship or graduating in your own company

If your own study program allows you to do an internship or graduate in your own company, then the professional working environment that you would have had at a regular internship or graduation place is often missing. It is possible to use the workplace at the HvA Venture Center for this, but in this case always first consult with the community manager for the possibilities.


Are you interested in a workplace at one of the locations of the AUAS Venture Center? Then schedule an information meeting here or get in touch with Carmen Been (Community Manager AUAS Venture Centre).

Published by  Entrepreneurship 17 January 2022