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8 Nov 2023 18:27 | Entrepreneurship

We are launching a new series of podcasts during Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). This year we discuss how entrepreneurship skills can help students in the future and how these skills will come in handy in the job market. For four days, 6 different individuals from the entrepreneurial ecosystem and education will join us during the podcast to explore this topic in depth.

Are you ready for a week of inspiring conversations and entrepreneurial wisdom? During Global Entrepreneurship Week 2023 (GEW), we celebrate entrepreneurship and innovation! During this week we will record a podcast every day. In addition to being able to listen to our podcast series, you are welcome to attend the recording live!

Meet our panel of speakers

Throughout the week we will feature innovative speakers, each sharing their own unique perspective on entrepreneurship skills and the role it plays for students and their future. In the podcast, we talk about the role of entrepreneurship education and what you can achieve as a student with entrepreneurship skills outside of the classroom and into the future, among other topics.

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2023

GEW 2023, themed "Entrepreneurs Thrive Here," takes place this year from Nov. 13 to 17 and is dedicated to celebrating entrepreneurship and fostering innovation. It is a week to connect, collaborate and learn from experiential experts from different industries in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our podcast series is designed to help students understand how entrepreneurial skills can create positive change in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

So stay tuned for a week full of inspiration, knowledge and networking opportunities! If you can't attend the podcast live, you can listen in via the link below.

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