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10k is selected as Best Practice

EU Knowledge Valorisation Week

22 Mar 2022 19:06 | Entrepreneurship

We are proud to inform you that the incubator programme 10K has been selected as one of the 'best practices' highlighted during the EU Knowledge Valorisation Week.

10K (part of the Venture Centre) supports entrepreneurial HvA students in developing their startup ideas. They work closely together with internal and external partners from the Amsterdam ecosystem, which leads to innovative, sustainable and innovative entrepreneurship.
Check the 10K page

EU Valorisation Week: 29 March to 1 April 2022

The EU Knowledge Valorisation Week brings together stakeholders and policy makers from all over Europe, with the aim of exchanging experiences and stimulating dialogue around the use of scientific knowledge in practice. During this week around 30 best practices from universities, business associations, research organisations and art institutions from various EU countries are selected as showcases.