Aviation Academy

Aviation Academy

‘Welcome aboard the Aviation Academy’

The Aviation Academy is our vision for the future. The Aviation Academy is the aggregate of our education, applied research and continuous cooperation with industry partners. Our focus is to enable the professional on the work floor to excel in their jobs and tasks.

Focus on operational processes

The operational process is key, whether you work for an airline, handler, airport, ATC or government organisation. Our education and research covers the operational readiness of the aircraft (the aircraft as a technical entity) as well as how the aircraft is used to transport people and goods from A to B including the infrastructure needs. Each student understands the interrelationship between engineering, operations, business model and regulations.

International growth

The Aviation Academy is developing fast from an education in the Netherlands towards an international actor. The industry is an integral partner in our activities, both in developing our curriculum, providing lectures and internships as well in our applied research. We are expanding our network and partnerships and are constantly looking forward to expand the network and to link our areas of expertise to those of our partners.

Published by  Faculty of Technology 25 April 2023