Aviation Academy


The Aviation Academy offers bachelor and master programmes in the fields of Aviation Engineering and Aviation Operations. Professionals prepare for the challenges ahead in their job in the aviation industry. We offer high standard education targeted on two study orientations.

Aviation Engineering

The Aviation Engineering/MRO orientation ensures the airplane in the air remains healthy and safe and the Aviation Operations or Air Transport orientation contains the air transportation of passengers and freight from A to B. Our students learn to be an intermediate between all the specialists on an airport. They are able to overlook the consequences of their actions for other chain parties.

Aviation Academy

The Aviation Academy has excellent working relations with the business community, flight schools, Air Traffic Control The Netherlands (LVNL) and government institutions, enabling us to make our educational programmes practice-oriented and business relevant. The aviation community is actively involved in the development of the curricula and guest lectures. This ensures our students gain valuable experience in their future professional fields through internships and work placements. As a result, we continually develop new courses and we see a positive response through the ever-increasing number of students.

Our graduates

After their graduation our students are an asset to many different fields of employment in the aviation sector. They can be found anywhere aircraft are being designed, used, loaded, handled, maintained and repaired. Our graduates can also be found outside the aviation industry, for example in the oil, IT and automotive industries. Some of our students start training for airline pilot or air traffic controller as specialization within their Bachelor program.

Published by  Faculty of Technology 13 November 2018