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Session 1

Neville Stanton
The Human Factors Perspective - From Micro, to Meso, to Macro Models of Safety in Systems

Ray Master, Rick Strycker
Dressed to Kill: The 130 Liberty Street/Deutsche Bank Fire Lessons Learned in Complexity, Leadership and Perfrormance

Session 2

Sascha Feistkorn, Daniel Algernon & Michael Scherrer
POD and GUM Universal Methods for Making Safety Measurable

Mohammad Rajabalinejad
Naive Fault Trees for System Design

Daniel Algernon, Sascha Feistkorn & Michael Scherrer
Implementation of a Performance Evaluation System for Non‐destructive Testing Methods

Session 3

Anastasios Plioutsias, Nektarios Karanikas & Maria Mikela Chatzimichailidou
How Completely and Similarly Do Safety Authorities Address Hazards Posed by New Technology? A Paradigm from Small Drones Operations

Session 4

Heinz J Gloeckner
Satellite Operations Safety and Efficiency Win Win

Joram Verstraeten, Gerben van Baren & Rombout Wever
The Risk Observatory: Developing an Aviation Safety Data Sharing Platform in Europe

Rudi Den Hertog, Brian Smith & Alfred Roelen
Aviation Safety Concerns for the Future

Session 5

Johan Svenningsson
How Does Measuring Safety Help Us Understand and Continuously Improve Current “Safety Levels” in Our Organization?

Maria Mikela Chatzimichailidou, Nektarios Karanikas & Ioannis Dokas
Measuring Safety Through the Distance Between System States with the RiskSOAP Indicator

Session 6

John Stoop
Safety is a System State

Jan Helderman
Compliance or Due Regard of Military Aviation Organizations with EC Basic Regulation 216/2008

Medi Rachman, Bernard Mees & Simon Fry
The Influence of Indonesian National and Military Organisational Culture on Aviation Safety

Session 7

Bart Poolman
A Practical View on Measuring Safety in the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry

Nippin Anand
The Application of Functional Resonance into Shipboard Operations: A Case Study of Mooring Operations

Session 8

Steffen Kaspers, Nektarios Karanikas, Alfred Roelen, Selma Piric, Robbert van Aalst & Robert J. De Boer
Exploring the Diversity in Safety Measurement Practices: Empirical Results from Aviation

Ilias Panagopoulos, Ivan Sikora & Chris Atkin
LeanSix Sigma in Aviation Safety: A Step Guide for Measuring Aviation System Safety Performance

Lee Murton
Promoting Safety through the IET Technical & Professional Networks and Engineering Communities

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Published by  Faculty of Technology 16 May 2019