Centre for Applied Research on Social Sciences and Law

Management of Culture Change

The research group Management of Culture Change carries out research into and advises on changes of culture within organisations and neighbourhoods.

What changes of culture within organisations and neighbourhoods are necessary in relation to urban issues such as decentralisation, civic participation and issues of integrity?

Redesigning culture

Cultures arise when groups of people organise themselves. It is not the case that these cultures automatically make the best possible contribution to the goals of the organisation. For this reason, many organisations experience a need, after some time, to redesign their culture.

Shift in culture of public services

Our changing society also demands changes in culture within public services of the city of Amsterdam. Decentralisation means that more cooperation has to take place between more different services. Differences in culture can lead to friction. A more hands-off government and increasing civic participation also requires a shift in organisational culture.

Promoting integrity

Finally, this research group investigates how integrity, at the heart of a healthy society and economy, can best be promoted within organisations.

Preparing upcoming professionals

The research group involves students from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in its research, giving these upcoming professionals a sound preparation for their vocational work.