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The Effect of Green Advertisements

Broadening the Differences Between Self-Benefit Appeal versus En


Faced with multiple environmental issues, many consumers are increasingly conscious towards sustainability issues. However, consumers show ambivalent attitudes about sustainable products and normal products, partly caused by negative perceptions about quality and price.

An issue that arises in the context of green consumption is the fact that consumers do not want to pay a higher price for green products. This study assesses the phenomenon by exploring how consumers response to self-benefit versus environmental benefits in the advertisements of green products. Results showed that chocolate, advertised with a self-benefit appeal was received as less costly, of higher quality and the purchase intentions was higher, compared to the environmental appeal. Advertisement containing both self-benefit appeal and environmental appeal was successful for the highest purchase intention and quality perception. Our results give important information for the marketing, advertisement, and pricing strategy of green products.


Banjarnahor, W., L.A. Napitupulu & Situmeang, F. The Effect of Green Advertisements: Broadening the Differences Between Self-Benefit Appeal versus Environmental Benefit Appeal. In: Advanced Science Letters 23 (1), 121-125.

Publication date

Jan 2017