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Corporate Governance & Leadership

The professorship Corporate Governance & Leadership of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences is an authority in research on, and training of (future) professionals in finance and accounting. The professorship is assessing professionalism within the perspective of integrated finance and practice theory.

Within this perspective, the critical feature of a professional is that he is able to apply his knowledge by reflecting on the conditions in which the knowledge is needed. Not just application of tools, but also the development and adjustment of (new) tools becomes possible when someone is able to reflect on professional practices. Based on his insights, a professional relates various tools and instruments to each other, hereby trying to serve the objectives of the organization.

Currently, cognition is dominant within finance & accounting. There is limited attention for application and reflection, and thereby for social an ethical issues. The researchers and lecturers relate cognition, application and processes (routines) within organizations within the perspective of John Dewey and Donald Schӧn. In doing this, the professorship is contributing to integrated finance and accounting, practices that serve sustainable economic development.

In our Research Focus we explain the two research areas the professorship focuses on.