Centre for Economic Transformation| CET

Integrated Finance & Accounting

The research perspective is applied in two research areas, In both areas ‘Integrated’ means that we take an integrated perspective on finance. Tools and methods are not seen from a functionalist perspective: a financial instrument can solve a problem, but from a professional perspective : a professional has a toolkit in which he combines various instruments, being aware of the process, the social conditions and perceptions.

1 Integrated Finance

Professional area: Financial services and financial entrepreneurship

Example of a project: Stacked finance for SME-advisors (funded by the Dutch Taskforce for Applied Research, SIA/NWO)

2 Integrated Accounting

Professional area: The in- and external governance of an organization, especially where financial accountants and management accountants have a role in decision making and where questions around systems, ethics and leadership arise.

Example of projects: (a.) Soft controls for SME’s (funded by the Dutch Taskforce for Applied Research, SIA/NWO) and (b.) civic crowdfunding for local communities

The research is executed in co-operation with entrepreneurs, companies and other organizations. The professional and the instruments and structures that the professional is using to reach the goals of the companies, are the research subjects.

All the research is executed within the +FinanceLab, this is a platform in which the practice area, the educational programs in Finance & Accounting of the AUAS and the professorship work together. Students have a central role in the +FinanceLab. The professorship has 12 researchers ( 5 Fte’s) working together andabout 25 percent of the professorship is funded by companies and research funds.