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Intensive exchange programs

In the autumn of 2017 and the autumn of 2018 an intensive five-day exchange program is organized for Dutch and Danish students, with the participation of teacher trainers, researchers from higher education university colleges and expert centers and professionials from the work field. The partners participating in these intensive exchange programs are the UCC, the HvA and representatives from the Pedagoski Institute in Ljubljana and VBJK in Ghent. The first exchange program was held in Copenhagen in the autumn of 2017, the second is planned in Amsterdam in the autumn of 2018, according to the match of educational programs in the two university colleges.

During these five-day exchange programs a mix of lectures, group work and training sessions is organized, to (further) discuss and develop the competence profile and the framework for an educational program. The students are expected to be actively involved in the topics, to participate in the implementation at their university college and to share knowledge and experiences with fellow students. In the exchange week workshops are organized where cases are analyzed, students are coached by lecturers during discussions, field visits take place and information is shared about the practice in the different countries in order to make comparisons of the practice, organization and policy regarding social inclusion.

The aim of the intensive exchange programs is to bring together perspectives about social inclusion from the students, professionals in the work field and the researchers. Inspiration, exchange of knowledge, ideas from and for education and practice are generated to further develop the intellectual outputs.

Copenhagen 2017: the program of this exchange week can be downloaded here

Amsterdam 2018: the program of this exchange week can be downloaded here

Amsterdam 2018: the summary notes of this exchange week can be downloaded here

Published by  Centre for Applied Research in Education 21 May 2019