Face masks mandatory in our buildings from 6 November

3 Nov 2021 12:33 | Communication

Due to the increasing pressure on hospitals, the government announced a number of measures during the corona press conference on 2 November. Face masks will once again be required in certain public spaces and it will also be increasingly mandatory to show a QR code when entering establishments. For the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the only change that applies is regarding face masks. From 6 November onwards, it will be compulsory to wear a mask in all buildings when moving around. If you are sitting down, you can take off your face mask.

Ground rules key to preventing the spread of Covid-19

The basic rules that were in place throughout the pandemic are very important when it comes to preventing infections: don't shake hands, wash your hands regularly, sneeze and cough into your elbow, keep your distance wherever possible and, in case of health complaints - get yourself tested right away at the GGD (Public Health Service of Amsterdam). With flu season approaching it’s particularly important to stick to these basic rules to prevent the spread of the virus and to ease the pressure on hospitals.

Working at home; business meetings

The government strongly recommends that employees work at home for half of the time if they do not necessarily need to be on location. For AUAS staff, the following therefore applies: work at home if possible, and on campus if it benefits your work. If you are on campus, please maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from your colleagues. Above all, discuss with your team(s) and your manager how we can organise things so that everyone feels safe. Be careful when organising in-person gatherings involving large groups, whether it’s work meetings, business events and other gatherings that are not related to education or research.

For all educational activities and events, there are no restrictions at present, but it is compulsory to wear a face mask when moving around in AUAS buildings.

Self-testing and vaccination

The government has asked us to regularly do a self-test before coming to the AUAS. Because you can unconsciously carry and spread the virus, we advise you to do this twice a week. Order your self-tests via zelftestonderwijs.nl or pick one up at the entrances of all our buildings. Make sure you use them!

Meanwhile, every adult in the Netherlands has been given the opportunity to be vaccinated. The government reiterated the importance of people getting vaccinated in order to prevent the continued increase of hospital admissions. We hope that everyone who studies and works at the AUAS will choose to get vaccinated. This is a personal choice and we ask that everyone continues to respect the decision of others.

New press conference on 12 November

In the coming days, the government will keep an eye on the hospital admissions. On 12 November, they will assess the situation and decide whether additional measures are necessary.