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Research with impact

The AUAS contributes to solving global and regional challenges with practice-based research. Researchers, teachers, students and professionals from various disciplines jointly develop directly applicable knowledge for practice.

U!REKA - Research cooperation across Europe

Beyond our focus on Amsterdam, AUAS also increasingly collaborates in research internationally. It is crucial to build strong networks with peer institutions in order to safeguard the quality of education and applied research in an international context.

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AUAS as a partner

Applied research involves solving practical problems in collaboration with companies and organizations.

Innovation ecosystems

Our research is embedded in dynamic regional innovation ecosystems of knowledge institutions, businesses, and communities, coordinated by our Centres of Expertise.

Impact-driven research

We start our practice-based research with stakeholders' challenges and jointly develop solutions, resulting in high user acceptance.

Focus on urban challenges

With our expertise in urban issues, such as those in the Amsterdam metropolitan area, we provide valuable insights for global challenges.

International projects

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences is involved in a number of international projects. Most of these projects are in collaboration with European partners and have secured funding via Erasmus+, Interreg, Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe.

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Contact us

If you're interested in exploring collaboration opportunities with us, please reach out to one of our Centers of Expertise. Or send your e-mail to the Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) team of AUAS, ixa@hva.nl.