Work and study (primarily) from home

For the time being, studying and working to be done almost entirely at home, due to the coronavirus.

20 Dec 2021 17:46

During a press conference on Saturday evening 18 December, the caretaker government announced stricter measures aimed at slowing down the spread of the omicron variant of the coronavirus. A hard lockdown will once again come into force in the Netherlands. These measures will be introduced starting at 5 a.m. on Sunday 19 December and will also have consequences for higher education.

Which measures will be implemented at AUAS?

In-person learning will no longer take place at AUAS locations with a few exceptions. Exams and tests will be able to take place on site as scheduled, as will practical training activities. Each study programme will inform students and employees of the schedule that will apply. Vulnerable students who are unable to study at home may study in AUAS buildings or the libraries. All students requiring help or guidance can contact Student Info via Work placements are subject to the rules that apply in the relevant work sector.

In principle, all employees will work from home. This includes teaching staff, research staff, and support staff. However, employees who are involved in on-site examinations/tests or practical training are excluded from the above regulation. The same applies to researchers who need to make use of research facilities in an AUAS building. If working from home is really not an option for certain employees, they can consult with their supervisor to receive permission to work at their location on an incidental basis. However, the canteens and coffee facilities will be closed.

All AUAS buildings are accessible only for the above-mentioned purposes. Of course, all preventive measures will remain in place, including wearing face masks when moving from one place to another inside the buildings. The fleshing out of these measures will require customised work per study programme, and efforts to work this out are now underway. We fully understand that this lockdown is an enormous disappointment and will demand a great deal from everyone at the end of an already difficult and exceptional year. Please continue to watch out for and be mindful of each other.