Frouwke Smit wins Lecturer of the Year award 2022

14 Jun 2022 09:34

Frouwke Smit, lecturer Biology, has been elected AUAS Lecturer of the Year 2022. This was announced on Thursday evening 9 June during the award show in FLOOR.

The award show

After three years, the Lecturer of the Year award is finally back with all the attention it deserves! That is why the theme was 'award show'. The guests entered the building on the red carpet, dressed in festive clothing. The faculty winners were introduced and some former winners told what it was like for them to become Lecturer of the Year. Then the most important part began: the announcement of the top 3. Just like every year, the three winners receive a sum of money to use in education.

Second and third place

First of all, the third and second places were announced. The third prize was awarded to Nehemia Aipassa of the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Law. He deserved this prize because he inspires students with his motivational words about always striving for the highest possible goal. This year, second place went to Alfons Koster of the Faculty of Technology. The jury was very impressed by the passion, dedication and enthusiasm he brought to the class.

First place

Of course, there can only be one ultimate winner. The jury described her as a very open teacher who created a safe atmosphere in which everyone could express their opinion. Frouwke Smit, lecturer of the Biology study programme may therefore now call herself 'Lecturer of the Year 2022'! The jury report said: 'Frouwke excelled in her interaction with the students. A pedagogically pleasant atmosphere ensured that all students felt really seen'. Beautiful words that show what, for students, are important characteristics of a good lecturer.

About the event

In previous years, this award ceremony was part of the AUAS Education Conference. This year, for the first time, it has been organised as a stand-alone event in FLOOR. Because being a lecturer is something that you do with all your attention, and it therefore deserves all of our attention.