Annual Report 2021: firmly on track with new ambitions

7 Jul 2022 12:32 | Communication

In 2021, 7,079 students graduated from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences with a degree. And 12,849 students started a degree programme at the AUAS. These figures stem from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences's annual report for 2021, a year that was marked, like 2020, by corona.

However, this has not stopped us from achieving some great results. In line with the Strategic Plan, we are working together to improve our university of applied sciences. In each of our 3D's (AUAS in 3 Dimensions: Sustainable, Inclusive and Digital) a professor of practice is working to integrate diversity and inclusion, digitalisation and sustainability into our education, research and business operations.

In 2021, we started working with a new education and testing policy that provides guidance for personalised learning pathways for students. The structure and content of our practice-based research was evaluated by independent experts, with good results. We will use the recommendations to update our policies.

Employees rated 'working at the AUAS' with a score of 7.6. AUAS staff are enthusiastic, appreciate the opportunities for professional development, the content of the work and the autonomy within it. We must however continue to monitor the balance between work and private life.

The AUAS is financially healthy. We ended the year with a result of 8.5 million euros. The annual report documents our use of NPO funding and the results of the quality agreements that the AUAS made with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.