Presented for the first time: The Open Science Awards

30 Jan 2023 15:20 | Communication

Thursday 26 January was the award ceremony of the Open Science Awards (OSCAwards). Open Science is an international movement that makes scientific knowledge openly available, accessible and reusable for everyone. The Dutch Open Access journal Youth in Development won the OSCAward in the category 'Open access, Open data, Open materials and Open software'. AUAS professor Leonieke Boendermaker is chief editor of the journal and received the price for her team.


On January 26th, the OSCAwards was celebrated in Spui25. Several researchers, students and teachers talked about their projects, and involvement with Open Science. The evening specifically focused on local contributions to Open Science. 25 projects of AUAS, UvA, VU, and SIOS (student initiative open science) were nominated. 8 projects were awarded with an Open Science Award worth €200.

Project categories comprise:

  1. Open access / Open data / Open materials / Open software
  2. Transparency / Metascience / Preregistration / Reproducibility
  3. Stakeholder involvement / Citizen science / Community Engagement
  4. Open educational resources / Open education / Open online courses

AUAS professor Leonieke Boendermaker won the OSCAward in the category 'Open access, Open data, Open materials and Open software' for her work as editor of the Diamond Open Access journal Youth in Development. In addition, two other AUAS projects were nominated. Sanne Rumping was nominated in the category "Stakeholder involvement, Citizen Science and Community Engagement" with her research project "Fostering supportive interactions in the neighbourhood: Using visualised narratives”. She will defend her PhD thesis on this topic on Thursday, 2nd of February. Dymph van Outersterp was nominated in the category "Transparency, Metascience, Preregistration and Reproducibility" for implementing Open Science at AUAS through institutional policy.

After the award ceremony, several speakers gave a short talk on Open Science. Maaike de Jong from E-Science Center gave a lecture on (open) research software. Lisa Yu, community manager of the Data Science Center of the University of Amsterdam, gave a lecture on research collaboration. Thijs van Schijndel, municipality of Amsterdam, gave a lecture on the Open Research Amsterdam platform.


The OSCAwards were organised for the first time this year and are an initiative of the Open Science Community Amsterdam (OSCA). OSCA is a partnership between the AUAS, UvA, VU, and the Student Initiative for Open Science (SIOS). OSCA is part of the larger Open Science Community Network the Netherlands (OSC-NL). The goal of the Open Science Communities is to create a platform for researchers and students from all faculties to interact and learn from each other about Open Science practices. Want to know more?

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Youth in development

Jeugd in Ontwikkeling is the Dutch Open Access Scientific Journal in the field of pedagogy, psychology and psychiatry for 0-23-year-olds. The journal publishes Dutch scientific articles relevant to the pedagogical, psychiatric or psychological work field concerning children and adolescents. Development, parenting, and interventions are highlighted from different perspectives and contexts.