AUAS welcomes call for sustainable banking

8 Feb 2023 09:40 | Communication

Scientists4Future, a network of scientists, has urged higher education institutions in the Netherlands to bank sustainably. The Executive Board at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences welcomes this call to take a critical look at its banking operations.

‘Together with the University of Amsterdam, we have started preparing a tender process for banking services, both internal and external, in which the main principle is that the provider should meet our sustainability criteria as much as possible’, wrote the AUAS Executive Board in response to the call to action by Scientists4Future (Dutch information).

Scientists4Future is a network of scientists that has urged higher education institutions in the Netherlands to take a leadership role in the transition to sustainable banking. That also means that universities need to look critically at their banking and insurance providers and, where possible, hold them accountable for their investment choices.

Sustainability is a key pillar of the AUAS’s strategy. ‘We want to contribute to sustainability and fulfil our social obligations in this area. This important theme is therefore reflected in our education, research, our operations and the way we function in society."