EU Valorisation Week to showcase RESILIO as best practice

16 Apr 2023 13:00 | Communication

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences’ blue-green roof project RESILIO will be in the spotlight during the EU Knowledge Valorisation Week 2023 – an European Commission event for researchers and innovators. RESILIO was selected as a best practice in sustainability and community impact.

During EU Knowledge Valorisation Week, which runs online from 25 – 28 April 2023, attendees learn about different aspects of knowledge valorisation, including funding and financing options, intellectual property protection, technology transfer, and more.

This year’s event focuses specifically on three key themes: valorisation for sustainability, management of intellectual assets and industry-academia cooperation. Projects that have earned the best practice stamp of approval by the European Commission will be showcased during the week.

AUAS will be in the spotlight during the ‘valorisation for sustainability’ part of the event. Daniel van den Buuse, Associate Professor at AUAS and part of the RESILIO research team, will present the project during his presentation on how multi-stakeholder cooperation can address sustainability issues.


RESILIO stands for ‘Resilience nEtwork of Smart Innovative cLImate adapative rOoftops’. This project set out to install 10,000 m2 of blue-green roofs in Amsterdam, providing ecological and social benefits to the city in the process.

AUAS’s role is in the RESILIO project was to engage residents and research into the effects of the roofs at the neighbourhood level. Various AUAS Centres of Expertise were involved in this project, including City Net Zero, the Centre of Expertise for Economic Transformation, and the Centre of Expertise for Urban Governance and Social innovation.

Video about the RESILIO project, with English subtitles. 

Generating impact

Universities of applied sciences (UAS) such as AUAS have a key role in generating and transferring knowledge to society. Conducting research on its own it not enough – it is essential to translate this knowledge into tangible results that benefit society and generate impact.

‘RESILIO is a prime example of how UAS work closely with multiple stakeholders such as businesses, governments and citizens in interdisciplinary research projects. Applied research delivers impact in a non-linear way: the solutions to societal challenges are often tangible very early on in projects. This is knowledge valorisation in action,’ says Maren Pannemann, EU Liaison and Research Grant Advisor at IXA.

The Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) assists AUAS researchers in the valorisation process, helping them to identifying the potential of research outputs, protect their intellectual property, develop partnerships with industry and other stakeholders, and transfer knowledge to society with the aim of creating a positive impact.

Across the Netherlands, universities of applied sciences (UAS) are working together to boost awareness of the positive impact that UAS research makes across the country, and also at the European level. The UASNL network, which includes AUAS alongside 16 other peers, contributes to policy developments, builds European partnerships and shows the value of applied research in answering the challenges Europe faces.

Learn about RESILIO at EU Knowledge Valorisation Week

Are you interested in participating in the EU Knowledge Valorisation Week and learning more about RESILIO? You can sign up for the event below.

Please note that RESILIO will be presented during the following session, moderated by Pia Erkinheimo, Director of the Finnish Climate Fund:

No place like home: community engagement for sustainable solutions

25 April 2023


Session description: Addressing climate change and sustainability issues requires broad-based strategies involving multiple stakeholders. It is crucial that science-based solutions are implemented in a way that also engages communities and citizens so that knowledge is absorbed more quickly. Two best practices will show how it can be done.