Concerns about CO+CB to be investigated

30 May 2023 09:00 | Communication

A committee led by Quirine Eijkman, Professor of Access to Justice at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, will investigate a complaint concerning part of the curriculum of the Communication and Creative Business (CO+CB) degree programmes.


The AUAS Executive Board received a report of concern under the Whistleblowing Regulations. This policy document is also known as the ‘AUAS regulations governing the reporting of (suspected) instances of wrongdoing, irregularities or integrity violations’. The whistle-blower is concerned that the study load in the renewed modules of the CO+CB degree programmes may be insufficient. In accordance with procedure, the Executive Board commissioned an independent and external committee to investigate this claim.

Educational innovation

Following years of preparation, the CO+CB degree programmes started implementing a new curriculum at the start of the 2022-2023 academic year. Students work on issues from professional practice and are given more freedom to shape their studies. This educational reform is currently being implemented in years 1 and 2 of the programmes, with the later years adopting it in the 2023-2024 academic year. An extensive process involving content and didactic review was conducted prior to the implementation of this educational approach. A modular 'Stepping Stones' concept was collaboratively chosen by lecturers, students, researchers and industry professionals.

'At AUAS, we believe it is important that our education is well aligned with the ever-changing demands of professional practice. Sectors are constantly changing and our programmes educate students so they have the competencies that are needed in the real world,’ says Jopie Nooren, Chair of the AUAS Executive Board. 'The colleagues at CO+CB engage in dialogue regularly with each other, students and others about future teaching developments. Study load is one of the topics up for discussion. We therefore assume that the careful research conducted by the external committee will yield insights that we can put to good use.'


The committee consists of Dr Miek Laemers and Prof. Marianne van der Weiden, who will work with Quirine Eijkman.

Investigative question

The committee's investigation should clarify how the study load in the CO+CB degree programmes relates to the credits (ECTS) awarded.


The committee will analyse documents and interview people involved in the degree programmes. The investigation will take place in May and June. The committee intends to issue its report in the near future.