Annual report 2022: AUAS on its way to achieving big ambitions

19 Jun 2023 15:07 | Communication

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) today published its 2022 annual report, which shows that we are moving forward as we focus on big ambitions in education and research. There are also plenty of challenges ahead as we work on achieving our goals.

Based on the ambitions articulated in the AUAS’s Strategic Plan, the annual report shows how the AUAS is becoming increasingly sustainable, digital and diverse. We set to work on agreements aimed at, among other things, giving students more control over their personal learning pathway and ensuring that assessments better reflect how our students are developing. We implement the principle ‘student as partner’. Isra is a student who works at Student Info, where she provides other student with support: ‘By listening to students I can find out what the main issue is. This enables me to provide better help or to refer them to someone else who can assist them.’

We allocated funds from the National Education Programme towards initiatives focusing on student wellbeing and addressing study delays caused by the corona pandemic.

Workload pressure among lecturers remains a tough issue. We will step up our efforts to structurally improve this. We must be focused and committed in order to reduce employee absenteeism due to problems related to work issues or psychological stress. We are working towards an improved work-life balance so that employees enjoy their work more and become more aware of their personal sources of both stress and energy.

We are increasingly cooperating with partners in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA) which shows in various applied research projects, for example on the topics such as the fair energy transition and the democratic usage of artificial intelligence.

The opening of the new Jakoba Mulder building was a milestone for AUAS. The brand new building supports our educational vision and is a very sustainable building. We are speaking to people who use the buildings and working to improve accessibility for people with disabilities and overall user-friendliness based on their experiences.

The report also zooms in on our role as an educator of professionals (lifelong learning), as well as how our organisation is positioning itself as a major employer in a stretched labour market. Our annual report remains, as always, an important source of facts and figures. Our institution is financially healthy.

Please note that the AUAS annual reports on social safety and wellbeing are published separately.