The Wibaut Building in scaffolding

24 Mar 2024 16:22 | Communication

The area around the Wibaut Building, a building on the Wibautstraat of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, will be less accessible for the next period. Scaffolding will be put in place around the entire property in the coming weeks.

In addition, transportation will take place around the building. Scaffolding and construction components will be moved and this will create additional noise and take up space on the sidewalks and back yards.

During a regular inspection, it was found that the facade components need better fastening. Therefore, a contractor began an investigation. How long the work will take is not yet known.

The Wibauthuis houses the Faculty of Society and Law and several departments of the college. The entrances and exits of Q-Park East will be back to normal from Monday. Also, the Spar will be open again.

We try as much as possible to minimize the inconvenience to you. We apologize for any inconvenience.

For questions, please contact our Facility Service Desk; 020 595 1403