The (congested) City in the Sky

Geert Boosten is Head of Education and Professor Aviation Management at the Aviation Academy of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Forecasts show a doubling of air traffic in 20 years, while many airports are already congested. In his lecture, Geert will explore airport capacity development following the chain from city demand for connectivity to the daily airport operations, with Schiphol as a reference case.

The operational perspective offers four main research areas: the governance of airport capacity, how to determine airport capacity, the use simulation and optimization in daily operations, and the transformation to the operations of the future. Finally, he will address how Aviation Management research contributes to the international network of researchers and stakeholders of the Aviation Academy.

Tuesday 3 October 2017 Geert Boosten MSc, Head of Education and Professor Aviation Management at the AUAS Aviation Academy, has given his inaugural lecture in Amsterdam.

Published by  Communication 3 October 2017

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Oct 2017


Geert Boosten