Ceren from Turkey studied Aviation in Amsterdam


Ceren: "Are you coming to Amsterdam and visit the Royal Family, like I me?"


The Introduction Day:

Unfamiliar faces,

Everyone was looking at each other with foreign eyes, but we all had one thing in common. Everyone was away from their home, entering an unfamiliar environment to them, but everyone seemed motivated, and excited to start their exchange.

So, my advice is, be as SOCIABLE as you can because everyone is alone on their first day, and is willing to meet new people.
The Social Life:

During my stay in Amsterdam, I went out on different nights and days, but Thursday night is definitely the day I recommend you to have fun. A lot of students go out and experience the city. It was like students and older people made a deal, and the city and trainstations would fill with young voices on Thursdays.
Therefore, go out on Thursdays. Also go out the other days of course, but on Thursdays there is definitely a magical atmosphere


The Cycling Dutch Man,

Although Dutch people like to 'fly', there is not a single place around where you can't see a bike. Unlike my other exchange student friends, I can say that I rented a bike for a fairly affordable price. I rented a bike for only 15 euros in total for six months. It was a completely lucky moment.

"I call this searching for Waldo"

Lesson Learned,

Train, Metro, Bus and Trams can all be used with the same card ("OV Chipcard"). However, pay attention where to check in for Bus/Metro/Tram/Train, because whenever you switch you need to check in/out with the new company.

Also, In Amsterdam there are separate check-in gates for the train and metro tolls. If you have checked in from the metro part, do not check out from the train part and vice versa. Because a certain amount is deducted from your card for this error. Speaking of the amount, this is 20 euro for the train, and 4 euros for the metro . Of course, you can load it back to your card later, but it's good to know from the beginning.

In the first months, I had a blue ov-chipkaart, but this card does not have much benefit in the long run. Later, I switched to the yellow personal ov-chipkaart so I could use the train at a discount, especially outside of peak hours. I still have the blue card, but since I went back to my country, I had to return the yellow card.

Friends, My Dutch Friends:

To end with:

Dear Old Friends,

I think the people around were the most valuable factor during my exchange while trying to make sense of everything that happens around you. Be it at school or in your social life, it does not matter.

Based on my own experience, I have acquired an environment with more Dutch people than a nationally diverse environment. In fact, from the first day, I realized that I had established my relationships in this direction, albeit without noticing.

Starting off these relationships, I can say that Dutch people are generally direct people in their verbal communication. You can find this rough or admiring, its according to your culture. I think this direct communication made everything easier for me. This is the the feature about Dutch people you need to be prepared for. Therefore, be direct and specific, because this is the Dutch way.

Shout out to all of my Dutch friends who helped me go through that adventure and were always supporting me. They know who they areā€¦

And finally, the end of the adventure. I hope you found this blog useful and it encouraged you to study abroad. It is definitely a lifetime experience. It has been almost two years since I came back to my country, but my memories still remain the same.