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Photo: Daniel J. Ashes

“Sharing knowledge is a noble act”

"Good design lets you feel something in your heart"

Bachelor in Communication and Multimedia Design - Martha Lauría Baca, Lecturer

“Sharing knowledge is a noble act.” Mexican-born Martha Lauría Baca has brought a wealth of experience to the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Before starting her own design company, she worked as an art director for an international music enterprise and was a senior designer with BRS Watano, a branch of the former leading multidisciplinary design company BRS Premsela Vonk.

Martha encourages her students to create designs with an emotional impact. “Work with deeper meanings; that’s what makes good design different. It lets you feel something in your heart or turn something over in your head. Every company, organisation or person has a story, an identity. I love to unravel these stories, so that students can use them in their designs.”