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Photo: Daniel J. Ashes

“I want to be able to grasp something and feel it"

"Physical designs should evoke an emotion"

Makers Lab - Nisse van Rossum, Student Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) & Minor Makers Lab

As a student at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Nisse followed the interdisciplinary research minor Makers Lab: Making as Design Research. “It included toolshops in digital fabrication techniques - sort of ‘modern crafts’. At AMFI I’d been working with sewing and knitting machines, but here I was in the Makers Lab working with 3D printers and laser cutters.”

The sense of touch plays an important role in all of her work. “I want to be able to grasp something and feel it. Physical designs should evoke an emotion. In the digital world we’re losing this tactile sense more and more, but I think it’s important to keep it.” The research minor was an eye opener for Nisse. “Research is usually a tool, here, research itself was the end product.”