Helping people is something which comes naturally to me and I love it. I worked as a personal trainer and I discovered that my knowledge to help people, in the best way they deserve it, wasn’t on point. Especially when it comes to injuries. Therefore I thought studying physiotherapy might be ideal. I’m from Germany and studying there was no longer an option for me when I heard about the high quality of physiotherapy in the Netherlands. I found the ESP programme and got highly motivated.

When you’re highly dedicated to become a physiotherapist with great knowledge, ESP is the first step to fulfil your dream. 

European School of Physiotherapy - First year student

ESP offers you a great education of the modern physiotherapy. The teaching materials are regularly updated which nowadays is very essential in a world where it’s all about evidence based practice. Of course ESP is all about hard work but we never forget to smile and have fun - especially the practical classes are the best.

ESP is not as any other programme. We are a small number of students and everyone knows each other. Coming from different countries with different traditions and cultures make the students so unique. First I was afraid moving to Amsterdam and leaving all my friends at home but soon my fellow students became my friends and now I’m really happy about the people surrounding me.