Koko graduated from Sport Studies - track ISMB in 2019.

Eventually through talking and networking, I found what I was truly passionate about and an opportunity arose.

Alumnus - Sport Studies - track ISMB

Where are you from?

'I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia with Dutch parents. I have always loved sports and I moved to The Netherlands when I was 19 to study Sport Studies - International Sports Management and Business.'

What did you do after graduation?

'During my studies we had to do 3 internships. I veered from sports to fashion throughout 2 of my internships. After graduating, I was determined to stay in this lane, even with a degree of International Sports Management and Business. It was a difficult time as every job required “experience” when that's the time you are trying to gain experience. However, I didn’t give up and worked at a club while applying for jobs for about a year. Eventually through talking and networking, I found what I was truly passionate about and an opportunity arose.'

What are you doing now?

'Currently, I am working at a fashion brand called 1/OFF. We up-cycle vintage clothing to unique, high-end designs. I started as an intern at 1/OFF, as I was truly passionate about what the brand stands for, which is creating a new way to look at ‘waste’ and how to bring it to the consumer in an elevated way. I am currently still here 2 and a half years later working in Operations and Logistics.

What I enjoy most is that I get to see every aspect of the business, as we are a very small team. I realised that I am very grateful to have a boss who I am very close with and can be by her side to keep learning and growing throughout this fast paced industry.'

What skills/lessons from ISMB do you use on a daily basis now?

'I feel I use many skills from ISMB everyday. The leadership and management skills, when dealing with deadlines, interns or communicating with third parties. The Intercultural communication and sensitivity, when communicating with interns, clients or manufacturers from all sorts of life. The International business skills of understanding a global market and needs of the business in order to run a healthy business.'

Left: Renee van Wijngaarden (Founder 1/OFF), right: Koko

What are you most proud of?

'I am very proud of myself for choosing what I am passionate about. Even though after graduating it was very difficult for me to find and be accepted in the area I wanted to be in. Through determination and not setting for anything less, now I am in a position where I am super grateful for the opportunities I am given and work for!'

Where do you want to be in 5 years/what do you want to be doing then?

'I am not much of a planner, so I am not sure. All I know professionally I would love to still be working at 1/OFF.'

What can the alumni network do for you to facilitate this?

'In order for me to be following what I am passionate about I used my network in order to get here. The alumni network can facilitate this by organising more events for all alumni to benefit from each other’s network and journey’s.'

Interested in getting in touch with Koko? Send her a message via LinkedIn.