Getting started

Get to know AUAS

You will soon be studying at AUAS. You have a whole new start coming up, which is why we would already like to introduce you to various students and lecturers and give you a brief preview of the buildings.


Get a brief preview of the buildings where you will be studying.


Not too long from now, you will start studying at AUAS. What about students who came before you, what have their experiences been like? Gamze, Samuel, Donna and Lis tell you how they experienced their first period at AUAS and what they would do differently now.

Unfortunately, the video is Dutch only for the moment. We are working to make English subs available as soon as possible.


Studying at a university of applied sciences is different from secondary education or senior secondary vocational education. As well as meeting a lot of new fellow students, you will soon also be taught by new lecturers. What do they expect from you, as a new student of higher professional education? What characterises the study culture in higher professional education and what’s the best way to approach this? Lecturer Jacob tells you about the differences that you can expect.

Unfortunately, the video is Dutch only for the moment.

Published by  Student Affairs 29 April 2024