Centre for Applied Research of the Faculty on Digital Media & Creative Industries


The AUAS-wide research group ‘Impact of Practice-based Research’ examines how the potential of applied research can be better utilised to address social issues by identifying the many different avenues for impact, proposing improvements and making the potential of applied research more demonstrable and visible.

The research group ties in with the core ambitions of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. This involves not only the further development of AUAS as a knowledge institution where education and applied research are becoming increasingly interconnected, but also – and especially – the strategic ambition to contribute to the development of the city and the region by creating value from knowledge for economic/social purposes. The research group is aimed at anyone who is involved in addressing social issues through applied research, such as researchers, lecturers and students, policymakers, businesses, social institutions, etc. In collaboration with these parties, the research group strives to make a difference by providing insight into how impact ‘works’ and can be improved, how impact can be demonstrated and how impact can be made more visible. The research group will develop and share knowledge through research-based output including consultancy, tools, publications and training.

24 February 2021