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Library Summer School for lecturers

Online workshops 30 & 31 August

19 Aug 2021 07:18 | HvA Library

On Monday 30 August and Tuesday 31 August, the Library will organise the first edition of the Library Summer School. During these two days, AUAS lecturers can further develop their information and digital skills.

A new academic year also means a new series of workshops given by the Library. The Library will kick off with the Library Summer School, which – in this first edition – focuses specifically on AUAS lecturers. The Summer School will last two days and offers lecturers the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills, and to learn more about open education. Lecturers will also learn how they can help their students in this respect. Themes of the workshops include: searching and finding information, using databases, dealing with data, open education, digital skills, and tools for teaching materials.

Workshops for Free

The workshops are free of charge en lecturers can decide for themselves whether they want to attend one or more workshops and which ones. Please note: the workshops will be given in Dutch. The Library Summer School consists of the following workshops:

Day 1

  1. Deskresearch
  2. Searching for market data
  3. Searching for legal information
  4. The value and necessity of open sharing of teaching material
  5. Sharing Open Educational Resources (OER) within the AUAS via Brightspace Learning Objects Repository (LOR)

Day 2

  1. Open teaching material and data: where to find them?
  2. The possibilities of open textbooks
  3. Introduction to OpenRefine (cleaning up data)
  4. Data detox for lecturers

Any Questions?

If you have questions you can contact:

For an overview of all the workshops the Library organises the coming months, please take a look at the agenda on the Library website.