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Check your links to online resources

4 Oct 2021 00:01 | HvA Library

Do you have links to databases, e-books or e-journals stored in your browser favorites / bookmarks or in one of the citation tools (RefWorks, Zotero or Mendeley)? Check these links and remove if you still use the old links.

Since 25 June, the Library has made changes to several links in order to continue offering secure and stable proxy traffic.

To prevent your saved links from dead-ending, it is wise to check and adjust them. Check the links in your favourites in your browser.

  1. Does the URL contain or Then these links will no longer work.
  2. Remove :2048 or :2443 from the links and save them in your favourites again.
  3. Also make sure these links always start with https:. Links over an unsecured connection that start with http: are no longer supported. Therefore, replace http: with https: in all links.

Educational resources

Are you a teacher and have you provided links to databases, e-books or e-journals via Canvas or on a webpage? Please check whether these links need to be corrected.

Any questions?

Ask the Library.