C.A.M. de Gaetano (Carlo)

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Carlo is designer and researcher at the Visual Methodologies Collective and digital transformation designer at the Digital Society School. He focuses on data visualisation for social and cultural research.


Carlo is interested in visual content analysis, images as data and the mapping of social issues. He is currently doing research on how climate change is represented and discussed online, by experimenting with different techniques to capture digital traces and visualise images in groups.


Carlo thinks it is important to use his designer skills to support the research of socially relevant issues. He believes that data visualisation should make information more accessible to different publics and increase data literacy. His study has to do with visual methods for the research of sensitive and politically charged topics, striving for transparency and inclusiveness.

Current research projects

Since fall 2018 Carlo has been working as project leader and coach at the Digital Society School on different projects about climate change solutions, climate activism and climate misinformation.

Carlo is also working on the project Climate Futures, an experiment in (machine) learning from climate fiction in literature, indigineous stories, visual arts, and Hollywood cinema.

Current educational activities

At the Digital Society School Carlo gives regularly workshops and lectures on data curation, data visualisation and digital methods of research, designed for an international and multidisciplinary learning community.

Carlo is responsible for developing and teaching the course in Issue Mapping for sustainable fashion, at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI), together with his colleague Sabine Niederer, where he also supervises theses in the MA Fashion Enterprise Creation.


He obtained a Bachelor Degree (2009) and a Master Degree (2013) in Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano, focusing on data analysis and curation, information visualization and issue mapping (master thesis: “Genealogies of new religious movements in Italy: a cosmography”).

In 2018, Carlo completed a professional training course in Digital and Analog Photography at CFP Bauer Milano.

Previous activities

Since 2012 Carlo has been participating as a guest designer and researcher to all the Summer and Winter Schools and several data sprints at the Digital Methods Initiative (UvA). From 2014 to 2018 Carlo collaborated with the Citizen Data Lab in the data curation and visualisation for different research projects. From 2007 to 2018 he worked as a freelance information designer between Milan and Amsterdam, collaborating in many research and teaching activities at Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), DensityDesign Lab (Politecnico di Milano) and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

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