Boring Paperwork: Visas

Posted at: 30 May 2019

Before you come to Amsterdam you have to do some paperwork. I know − paperwork sounds boring, but unfortunately there is no escape. Some documents are obligatory for everyone. I am from Turkey, and I needed a visa to come to the Netherlands and study here. If you need a visa like me, you have to gather more documents than other students.

Do not be daunted, AUAS is helping a lot

First of all, you will get an e-mail from AUAS Immigration Affairs. They will be handling your immigration application. The visa that you will receive is a student visa so you should be in contact with the AUAS during this process. They will tell you which documents you have to send to them. Do not hesitate to send an e-mail to the AUAS if you are having problems, they will help you very quickly.

Read every document properly

One of the most important things is reading every e-mail properly and on time. AUAS Immigration Affairs is guiding you through every step. If you follow the instructions carefully it will be easy to get your visa. I did everything on time and thanks to that I had no problems.

Which documents does AUAS require?

  1. Student details
    An online form that you have to fill in with your personal information.
  2. Copy of your passport
    A copy of the ‘identity details + signature page’ and all the ‘stamped’ pages.
  3. Antecedent certificate
    An online form that you have to fill in, which basically declares that you don’t have a criminal record.
  4. Proof of financial means
    You can provide your proof of financial means through four options. For more information and requirements see:
  5. Declaration of intent to undergo a TB test
    You should see if you need to undergo a tuberculosis (TB) test, since this depends on your country.
  6. Nuffic certificate – only for Chinese Nationals!
  7. Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) FEE
    The IND fee is set at €200,- and needs to be transferred directly to the AUAS by all students.

After you have sent every document

AUAS will send your completed file to the Dutch Immigration Service (IND). This means they will receive all the required documents and payment in good order. The IND will now process your application and this generally takes around 3 weeks before they will make a decision about your application.

IND’s approval

If nothing goes wrong you will get an approval from IND for your entry visa for the Netherlands. Then, you have to contact the Dutch Representative (Dutch Embassy or Consulate) in your city/country to finalise your entry visa application. They will also ask for some documents, like your V-number (which the IND will send to you), passport photo, etc. for creating your residence permit card.

Since they will have all your information from the IND, this past will be the easiest. Your entry visa or authorization for temporary stay is only valid for travel to the Netherlands within a period of three months. Upon arrival, you will have to collect your residence permit in order to stay and study legally in the Netherlands. Probably you can collect your residence permit card the first day you arrive on campus.

Last tips

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after arrival in the Netherlands.

Always request a D type visa. This D type visa will allow you to enter the Netherlands more than once which allows you to travel through the Schengen area until you are in possession of your residence permit.

Because you will have already paid the IND fee for your visa application to AUAS, you will not have to pay a fee when you go to the Dutch Representative to finalise your application.

The AUAS recommends that you wait to buy your flight ticket until the IND has approved your entry visa. Timing is everything in this situation: if you do everything on time, there will be no problem!

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