Sports Leadership programme

The Programme

Knowledge, skills and personal leadership

The Sports Leadership Programme is designed to help reveal and develop your authentic capabilities as a leader for the next generation! The programme focuses on three pillars: knowledge, skills and, most importantly, personal leadership. 

As part of this practical and personal journey, you will analyse the core elements of the sports ecosystem and examine real-life case studies to gain new perspectives and develop your own vision. In addition to the modules, you will also participate in a variety of personal leadership and supervised coaching sessions to push you outside your comfort zone and help you develop into the leader you want to become.

Modules and Personal Leadership

The SLP consists of four modules and a total course load of 21 days, spread over eight months. The personal leadership track is woven throughout the entire programme. The modules will take place at a variety of inspiring locations to enrich your learning experience. We stay on location during each module. Hotel stays are included in the tuition fee.

The sports sector has now become one of the world’s biggest industries, driven by governments, associations, institutions and commercial enterprises. In this module, participants will explore the relationship between sports, market principles and entrepreneurship in a case study driven learning environment.

The colour of the medal defines the success of an organisation. This module fosters a deeper understanding of the specific attributes that contribute to the success of a team, a (professional) club, sports organisation or an entire sporting nation. They require methodical decoding and can be translated into smart high-performance sports strategies that enable the creation of successful sports organisations.

Sports play an important role in our society, and the values they embody have the ability to reach far beyond the playing field. In this module, you will explore the reach and impact of sport, its influence on local and national identity, and its role as an agent of community building. You will also look at how sports can influence issues related to race, gender, and identity, as well as broader strategic agendas such as equality and social justice. Finally, you will discover how sports can impact and affect positive change to promote a more inclusive future.

Governance is a serious topic in the world of sports. This module looks at the possibilities and issues related to the self-regulation of (international) sports organisations.

For example, considering sports’ tremendous growth and changing societal role, as well as evolving public pressure and responsibilities, how could FIFA officials manage to reign for so long very little control? How did FIFA allow global football to become so widely corrupted that more than 35 FIFA officials were arrested for crimes that included receiving bribes? Can we trust the leadership of (international) sports organisations to manage self-governance mechanisms in an ecosystem where so much money can be made by disregarding the rules?

Focus on personal leadership

Your personal development is an essential part of becoming a better leader! Therefore, personal leadership development is a core component of this entire programme. Besides the specific course topics, each module incorporates elements to improve your personal leadership skills. In addition, you will also have both individual personal leadership sessions and group coaching sessions. These activities will help you create a practical, personalised development journey, and reach new insights into your personal and professional behaviour. This demanding but insightful development process will prepare you for all your future leadership roles.

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Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 19 October 2022