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A little party never killed nobody

Posted at: 27 Nov 2017 | Student Affairs

Party hard. Make mistakes. Laugh endlessly. Do things you are afraid to do. After all, you are only once on Erasmus. Whichever party animal you are, there is something for you in Amsterdam. Here are some of the best parties you could try...

Ondiep poolparty

Huge water fan? Bring your coolest and most Instagrammable swimming suit because pool parties are waiting for you. Do not only dream about it. Visit

Are you a big electronic music fan? Get a good night sleep because 5 full days of ADE will create sleepless memories!

Amsterdam Dance Event

Can you hear it? Visit

What about you, gigantic new age music aficionado? Clubs all over town are competing for the best atmosphere to attract you.

Melkweg Amsterdam

Pretty damn cool. Visit en

Fine cocktails tester? One of the 50 best bars in the world (you are impressed now, aren’t you ?), Tale and Spirits, opens its door for you in Amsterdam.

Tales and Spirits

Would you try one of T&S favorite cocktails, « What about Bob? » ? Visit

I am not forgetting you, cool instagrammer! The Terrassen Festival will enable you to take that perfect photo shoot (you know the one I am talking about, the one that will give you endless likes, the dream ..)

Terrassen Festival

Pretty cute, isn’t it ? Visit

I can see you in the back, chill underground hipster! What about enjoying an evening in the Café Hill Street Blues that is decorated by years of graffiti and artwork created by the café’s own regulars?

Cafe Hill Street Blues

Capturing the moment .. Visit

Oh hello sophisticated dance and music lover! Would a ballet or an opera make you happy?

Dutch National Ballet

And that is only the outside! Visit

And if you like specific events such as Halloween parties, you will be more than happy here my friend!

Halloween party

How scary can you be? Visit

Still not enough for you partygoer? This page will maybe satisfy your envies:

So now, let’s get these parties started!

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