Interactive virtual math

a tool to support self-construction graphs by dynamical relations


An essential condition to use mathematics to solve problems is the ability to recognize, imagine and represent relations between quantities. In particular, covariational reasoning has been shown to be very challenging for students at all levels. The aim of the project Interactive Virtual Math (IVM) is to develop a visualization tool that supports students’ learning of covariation graphs. In this paper we present the initial development of the tool and we discuss its main features based on the results of one preliminary study and one exploratory study. The results suggest that the tool has potential to help students to engage in covariational reasoning by affording construction and explanation of different representations and comparison, relation and generalization of these ones. The results also point to the importance of developing tools that elicit and build upon students' self-productions

Reference Palha, S., & Koopman, S. (2017). Interactive virtual math: a tool to support self-construction graphs by dynamical relations. In Proceedings of the 10th Congress of European Research on Mathematics Education (CERME 10)
Published by  Centre for Applied Research in Education 1 January 2017

Publication date

Jan 2017


Stephan Koopman


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