Learning with Interactive Virtual Math in the Classroom


Interactive Virtual Math (IVM) is a visualization tool to support secondary school students’ learning of dynamic functions situations graphs. The logbook-function allows teachers to get continuous and real-time assessment on classroom progress and of individual students’ learning process. In a teaching experiment involving four mathematics teachers and their students, we investigated how the tool was used by the students and by the teachers.

Reference Palha, S., & Koopman, S. (2017). Learning with Interactive Virtual Math in the Classroom. In G. Aldon, & J. Trgalová (Eds.), Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Technology in Mathematics Teaching, France (pp. 449-452). CCSD (The Center for Direct Scientific Communication).
Published by  Centre for Applied Research in Education 1 January 2017

Publication date

Jan 2017


Stephan Koopman


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