O uso da tecnologia na Holanda

um impulso através dos novos programas?


Eighteen years after the introduction of the graphing calculator in national examinations in the Netherlands, much has been learned about the use of technology in education. One of the key lessons was that integrating ICT as a tool for learning math is a complex task, and this complexity is often underestimated. In this article we give a current view of the use of ICT in learner practice in the Netherlands and in particular in the discipline of mathematics. Some of the topics covered include the type of technologies used and the curriculum guidelines for math and assessment. Reflecting on experiences and challenges of the last few years is given an idea of future priorities. Directions for improving the integration of technology in mathematics education include the need to understand their role in learning and developing students' mathematical knowledge and reasoning, an investment in teacher training, the quality of digital learning materials and in more forms evaluation

Reference Palha, S. (2017). O uso da tecnologia na Holanda: um impulso através dos novos programas? Revista Educacao e Matematica, 143, 43-47.
Published by  Centre for Applied Research in Education 1 January 2017

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Jan 2017



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