The contribution of graduation research to school development

graduation research as a boundary practice


When teaching is considered as a collaborative activity, the aim of research projects in schools needs to exceed the individual and personal levels and aim to contribute to research-informed reflection of a team of teachers. Within this multiple case study, we adapted the graduation research project within a primary teacher education programme, trying to bridge the personal level (where student-teachers show their individual competence) and the collaborative level (where the graduation research project aims to inspire practice of several teachers within a school). In this redesign ownership, meaningfulness and dialogue were helpful. However, our study shows that connecting graduation research projects with school development is not just a matter of redesigning a part of the curriculum, but that it requires new perspectives and new qualities of student-teachers, research supervisors from the university and actors within the school.

Reference Snoek, M., Bekebrede, J., Hanna, F., Creton, T., & Edzes, H. (2017). The contribution of graduation research to school development: graduation research as a boundary practice. European Journal of Teacher Education, 40(3), 361-378.
Published by  Centre for Applied Research in Education 1 January 2017

Publication date

Jan 2017


Judith Bekebrede
Theun Creton
Hester Edzes

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