Content and Language Integrated Learning in Dutch bilingual education


This small-scale observational study explores how Dutch bilingual education history teachers (BHTs) focus on the L2 component in their CLIL-lessons. We observed and rated eight BHTs on five language teaching categories.

Results show that Dutch BHTs focus more strongly on using the L2 to teach subject content and that they tend to be less engaged in teaching specific second language topics, such as focus on form or language learning strategies. Further results and suggestions for improving the BHTs’ L2 focus are discussed together with a plea for a CLIL definition that is more in line with the everyday reality of the CLIL classroom.

Reference Oattes, H., Oostdam, R., De Graaff, R., Fukkink, R., & Wilschut, A. (2018). Content and Language Integrated Learning in Dutch bilingual education. Dutch Journal of Applied Linguistics, 7(2), 156-176.
Published by  Centre for Applied Research in Education 1 December 2018

Publication date

Dec 2018


Huub Oattes
Rick De Graaff
Arie Wilschut

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