Working with Experience Experts in Research

Neighborhood network interventions for social inclusion of people with disabilities


More and more network interventions are developing at neighborhood level, with the aim of strengthening the network (in the neighborhood) of people with a disability. Some interventions are of a temporary nature, while others are structurally <br/>In this study, the various neighborhood-oriented network interventions are examined to discover what works well. With this information, more general guidelines can be set up for current and future social professionals on how to work on neighborhood networks for people with disabilities in an effective way. In this research project, various research methods, including social professionals, management, participants of the network interventions, neighbors, are involved to determine meaningful actions within each intervention. For the interviews with participants, we work together with experienced experts (People with disabilities, and participants of the interventions). These were trained by one of our research partners, to help both with the development of the research tools as well as conducting the interviews. In this presentation we want to exchange our experiences in cooperating with experienced experts on research. <br/><br/><br/>

Reference van Zal, S., & van Schravendijk, M. (2019). Working with Experience Experts in Research: Neighborhood network interventions for social inclusion of people with disabilities. Poster session presented at International conference of Sociology and social work, Porto, Portugal.
22 November 2019