COHEHRE Academy: Ethics in Community Based Student Projects

Exploring the Possibility of a Win-Win


The COHEHRE Academy organized the following capacity building workshop(s) in 2018: Ethics in Community based Student Projects: Exploring the possibility of a win-win situation:<br/><br/>Time and venue: November 2018 Amsterdam, The Netherlands<br/>Coordinating institution: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences<br/><br/>Information:<br/><br/>This capacity building workshop will provide the opportunity to explore and discuss concepts of community-based student projects, both in local and international settings. With trends in education focused on connecting students more to the communities around them during the studies, as well as providing international fieldwork experiences, it is important to consider the possible ethical impact of these community based projects.<br/><br/>When is the project equally beneficial for the students’ learning, as well as for the communities intending to benefit from their work? How do we as educators develop and evaluate these projects to attempt to achieve this win-win situation?<br/><br/>This seminar will explore this through unpacking the experiences and ethical and cultural dilemmas of three main stakeholders: students, educators and community hosts.<br/><br/>Presentation.

Reference Blankvoort, N., Hengelaar, R., & Poerbodipoero, S. (2018). COHEHRE Academy: Ethics in Community Based Student Projects: Exploring the Possibility of a Win-Win.
Published by  Urban Vitality 1 January 2018