Professional development in sport psychology

relating learning experiences to learning outcomes


<p>To enhance the training of sport psychology consultants, it is important to know which learning experiences are useful for which components of professional development. We interviewed 15 novice consultants on their learning experiences related to 13 different topics. Traditional learning experiences (e.g., courses, teachers) were related to the development of practical know-how. Learning from others (e.g., peers, colleagues) was related to professional development (i.e., dealing with issues, challenges, and dilemmas that occur in sport psychology practice). Practical experience and reflective activities were related to both know-how and professional development. These results can be used to shape effective sport psychology education.</p>

Reference Hutter, R. I., Oldenhof-Veldman, T., Pijpers, J. R., & Oudejans, R. R. D. (2017). Professional development in sport psychology: relating learning experiences to learning outcomes. Journal of applied sport psychology, 29(1).
Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 1 January 2017

Publication date

Jan 2017


R. I. (Vana) Hutter
Tanja Oldenhof-Veldman
J. R. (Rob) Pijpers


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