meer laden op een vol elektriciteitsnet


Final report of the Flexpower3 project. The project aims to develop a solution that creates more potential for electrifying mobility than previous smart charging concepts. The current charging stations have a high peak power demand, with the charging demand concentrated in the early evening when domestic power demand is also high. The project proposes a charging concept where the charging of electric vehicles is coordinated at the district level rather than per charging station. This approach addresses issues with load coordination and grid safety.

Referentie Groen, M., Hoogvliet, T., Niesing, H., Wolbertus, R., van Zalingen, W., & Zweistra, M. (2022). Flexpower3: meer laden op een vol elektriciteitsnet. Flexpower.
1 januari 2022


jan 2022


Marius Groen
Tim Hoogvliet
Hugo Niesing
Wim van Zalingen
Marisca Zweistra


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