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UV Open science support desk

Are you a researcher at the faculty of Health, the faculty of Sports and Nutrition or the faculty of Digital Media, Creative Industries? Then there is a whole team of experts waiting for you at the Urban Vitality Open Science Support Desk. This Support Desk supports you with all your questions about quantitative and qualitative research, open science and data management. Transparency in research is always central.

The Support Desk advises on:

  • Information retrieval (searches), registration in PURE, Open Access and copyrights.
  • Privacy-Security Management and risk analyses (AVG).
  • Research data management - from data management plan (DMP) to archiving and re-use.
  • Designing, analysising and reporting of quantitative and qualitative research.

What can you ask us about? Consider topics such as:

  • Primary purpose of your study
  • Utility of a scoping review
  • Data management plan
  • Publishing in open access
  • Dealing with privacy regulations and laws
  • Pre-registration of study protocols
  • Statistical Methods
  • Visualising data
  • Clear reporting
  • Avoiding 'spin’
  • Archiving according to FAIR principles
  • Data-sharing
  • Use of the UvA-HvA Figshare repository

If you present problems that are too specialised for our Support Desk, we will put you in contact with super specialists or try to gain knowledge about them ourselves.


Support Desk staff are inspired by research on research (meta-research). Meta-research shows that research waste, moderate replicability, selective reporting of outcomes are major problems in the biomedical and social sciences and in much applied research. The Open Science Support Desk's advice contributes to relevant, valid, efficient and completely reported research.

Other AUAS-services

On the AUAS research support page (intranet) you will find information and links to HvA research support services such as the ethical research committee , legal support, research funding, privacy and research IT.

The Copyright Information Point of the AUAS library provides information about re-use of information (citations) or data. Visit the AUAS library website.

Members Open Science Support Desk

The Urban Vitality Open Science Support Desk has experts in privacy and security, qualitative and quantitative research methods, information and literature retrieval, and research data management. Here we introduce you to the 7 team members.

Ellis Hensen - information manager / privacy officer

Ellis Hensen is information manager/privacy officer at the faculty of Health and the faculty of Sports and Nutrition. She supports researchers in the field of privacy and security when processing personal data. She believes that accuracy, transparency and reliability are important to protect the privacy of research participants and to uphold the reputation of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Need help? Ellis is happy to help. Please contact Ellis at opensciencesupport@hva.nl.

Sumit Mehra - methodology qualitative research

Sumit Mehra has a background in Cognitive Psychology and Social Science Informatics. This gives him a homegrown focus on (quantitative) experimental lab research. During his PhD research, Sumit gained experience with mixed methods, design thinking and process evaluations. Qualitative research provides context and depth to quantitative data and creative techniques are used to develop and test innovative concepts.

Would you like to spar with Sumit? Sumit is happy to help, preferably at an early stage of your research design.

Please contact Sumit at opensciencesupport@hva.nl

Gerben ter Riet - physician methodologist, quantitative research

Gerben ter Riet is a clinical epidemiologist specialising in the relationship between research integrity and a wide range of methodologies for quantitative research.

Need help? Gerben is happy to think along with you. Please contact Gerben at opensciencesupport@hva.nl

Jan Botman - information specialist faculty of Sports and Nutrition

Jan Botman is an information specialist. Within the Open Science Support Desk Jan deals with research support, commissioned literature searches, information skills and copyright.

Need help? Jan is happy to think along. Please contact Jan at opensciencesupport@hva.nl.

Esther Verloop - information specialist faculty of Health

Esther Verloop is an information specialist. Within the Open Science Help Desk Esther deals with research support, commissioned literature searches and information skills. Esther specialises in searching PubMed.

Need help? Esther is happy to think along with you. Contact Esther at opensciencesupport@hva.nl.

Astrid de Willigen - information specialist

Astrid de Willigen is an information specialist. Within the Open Science Support Desk Astrid deals with research support, commissioned literature searches and information skills.

Need help? Astrid is happy to think along. Contact Astrid at opensciencesupport@hva.nl.

Anne de Jong - datasteward

Anne de Jong is data steward for the Centre of Expertise Urban Vitality. Within the Open Support Science Desk Anne is involved in advising and supporting researchers on Research Data Management (RDM). Either demand-driven via the Support Desk, or embedded in research projects. Anne also develops procedures and policies for responsible, ethical and efficient data management.

Need help? Anne is happy to think along. Please contact Anne via opensciencesupport@hva.nl

Published by  Urban Vitality 11 November 2021